Animated image of James Sessford

A Scottish programmer, specialising in web application and UI development & currently spending time over the border.

The day job

By day I'm a senior developer at Atticus Consultancy and tasked with writing PHP, JavaScript or CSS. This can involve writing modules for their Sonelle CMS or using Sonelle to build rich user experiences for both Atticus' customers and their customer's customers.

The moonlight

By night I'm writing software that I hope may leave a positive footprint on the journey of the internet.

I started with the belief that if a project could run and be successful in the wild, it should be built and able to run on the most limited hardware I had access to. Whilst my original laptop and Rasbperry Pi have since been retired, this ethos has remained and all projects go through a deployment cycle reliant on my Raspberry Pi.

The tech stack

Day to day, I'll be working with:

I'm always interested in new freelance work. If you have a project you'd like to discuss, please get in touch via email @ hello(at)jamessessford(dot)com.

In my blog, you'll find musings on code, music, films, games and all of the other things I feel like talking about or trying to arrange into more cohesive thoughts.