Ubuntu setup

James Sessford • December 8, 2019


I'd set aside a couple of days to get my laptop fully up and running; I hadn't had much Linux experience outside of Raspbian and thought it may have been challenging to get the tools I was used to setup and working together. I was very happy to be proven wrong.

To get started, I grabbed the image of Ubuntu 16.04, burned it to a USB key and booted the machine into Ubuntu. After following the install steps through and unpinning everything from the Launcher that was attached, I was ready to start exploring!

Let's fast forward a couple of hours.

The laptop is now set up and running a test project I had configured on my Windows machine. The programs I have installed are:

-   Git
-   Terminator
-   ZSH
-   oh-my-zsh
-   MySQL
-   MyCLI
-   PHP 5.6
-   PHP 7.3
-   Composer
-   Node.js
-   npm
-   Supervisor
-   VSCode
-   Nginx
-   Redis

I instantly feel like my productivity has increased with Terminator and Nginx alone. Terminator giving me split screen tabs is phenomenal, as is the tab less I now require from having a server run my applications instead of serving them via Artisan.

It's nice to also be able to use VSCode, Firefox and webpack without my computer freezing as well!